Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 49


Central Arcade in Newcastle-on-Tyne

When it comes to shopping, I’m a bit of an old-fashioned girl.  I like nice surroundings.  I can be totally seduced by a beautiful arcade, especially when it’s prettied up for Christmas.


Like this!

And this!

And this!

In fact, I might as well admit it, I’m a hopeless shopper!  I much prefer to admire the buildings.  As I put this post together, I’m watching the TV series on Libertys of London.  Many years ago, when I was finding my feet in the city, I did some temp work in the store.  It’s really beautiful and I’ve had a soft spot for it ever since.

These days “the city”, for me, is Newcastle-on-Tyne.  The highlight at Christmas time is Fenwick’s Department Store and its window display.  Click on a photo to see it in more detail.

My kind of shopping!  The window kind.  Which ties in very well with Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows challenge.  I bet there are some more Christmas windows to see this week.  Click on the link to find out.


  1. A beautiful display! Maybe I will whine and cry when we are leaving Mom’s so he will let me drive 20 min. south into holiday traffic to share with you how Boston does up the downtown it too is spectacular even if the city is in debt they put on the ritz for the holidays! JT has never walked the city streets of Boston maybe we can do it Monday night fingers crossed for good weather now that would be my type of present 🙂


    Enjoy your holidays

  2. Lovely nostalgia in your photos Jo 🙂
    Not ONE bit of *tat … Marvellous !
    Have fun over the holidays and even more when you set off to Portugal in the early NYear 🙂

    ps I had to re click follow for some reason ..

    1. I’ve just about run out of steam, so it’s a good job Christmas is nearly here 🙂
      Have a wonderful one and thanks for the good wishes.

      Does anyone understand WP these days?

  3. le immagini testimoniano la grandiosità degli addobbi e la fantastica esposizione della vetrina, davvero molto singolare, ora ti faccio vedere dove sabato e domenica scorsi ho fatto il mio shopping natalizio: Bolzano e Bressanone in Trentino Alto Adige
    ciao Jo passa un sereno week

    1. I would love the artistry to be able to create something like this, Lynne. I’m more the “stick two twigs in a jar, and shake my head in despair” type, but I do so admire 🙂

  4. I’m not much of a shopper. But then again I’d love to spend time looking at these beautiful shop windows and the arcade is spectacular! Shopping environments like you’ve shared would open up whole new shopping possibilities! 🙂

  5. Love Victorian arcades – Leeds has some good ones as does Cardiff I believe. I much prefer the architecture to the shopping. I hate shopping. Lovely windows for the challenge 🙂
    Jude xx

      1. Quiet Christmas Jo, just the two of us with a lovely fillet steak I think. Going to see the grandchildren on Boxing Day and stay a few days to catch up with rest of family who will visit her. I’m not really a Christmas person nowadays, and none of us have a big enough house to accommodate everyone for the traditional dinner unfortunately. How about you?

      2. I would love to be away somewhere, Jude, but I’ll be cooking full traditional for me, Michael, Dad and son, James. I’ve had most of my Christmas magic already. 🙂 Tomorrow we’re back in Newcastle for a festive supper at one of my lady friend’s house. Next excitement is the Algarve on 2nd January. I can live with that! 🙂

  6. I love looking at the decorations too – they bring such a festive air to the surroundings.
    What a beautiful window display. I can imagine that many children look at them for quite a length of time.

    1. I just have a little foodstuff to shop for now, Jill, and maybe a small surprise for my husband. As always he says he doesn’t want anything. How easy to please is that? 🙂

  7. Never been to Newcastle … wonder why. I’m just like you … love to shop in beautiful surroundings – and UK has plenty of them. I love the Fenwick’s window display – as Selfridge and Liberty … they really know how to make us feel good and play with our fantasy. Fantastic entry.

    1. Thanks, Vivi 🙂 I’m in Newcastle again tomorrow, but not to shop. We have a friend who’s birthday it will be and we traditionally have supper and a few drinks to celebrate Christmas with her.

      1. Jo, I wish you a fantastic day … and delight yourself together with your friend. Send my congratulations to her.
        Take a drink for me too. *smile

  8. I’m not the shopping kind of guy. 😀 But yeah, I would be very much interested only if the architechtural design is really good or the display very interesting. The scenes (the mall windows) you showed here are like stripped off from some fantasy novel.

    1. You had to queue to see the windows, Rommel (me and a line of 3 year olds 🙂 )
      A couple of the shots have reflection in because I couldn’t get near enough. Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Ah memories again. In the ten years I lived in Newcastle, I tried to avoid the city at Christmas. Far too busy. And I’m not just a hopeless shopper, I loathe shopping.

    I don’t even remember Central Arcade now – you can tell I have lived abroad for too long!

    1. I think it must be the advent of online shopping (sounds like a pun) but it really wasn’t too busy last Friday. I was meeting a friend for coffee and did the minimum shopping anyway (1 item)
      Central is probably the less obvious of the arcades, but the other one is a bit like a mall now. Too long, or not long enough 🙂 Merry Christmas, Rough!

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