That last snippet of Autumn

Through a fence, lengthening shadows and a last hint of colour

Through a fence, lengthening shadows and the last hint of colour

The jacket and me went walking again today.  Goodness it was cold, but glorious, once I was striding along.  The village of West Auckland in County Durham is one I have often driven through but never before stopped in.  Our walk leader was born and bred there so this bright, late Autumn day seemed a good time to take a closer look.

The village green, with its claim to footballing fame

The village green, with its claim to footballing fame

How strange that this quiet village should be a part of footballing history!  In 1909 West Auckland FC represented Great Britain in the inaugural World Cup competition in Torino, Italy.  A team largely made up of coal miners, they struggled to raise the finance for the trip.  Despite this they went on to beat Swiss team FC Winterthur 2-0 in the final, and even retained their title in 1911, beating Juventus 6-1!  Those were the days!

Me, I’m relishing any dry, bright days when I can get out and about.  Me and the warm jacket, that is!


  1. A lovely walk in the sun Jo, today looks promising too. I went for a brisk stroll along the prom early this morning and even the surfers were out! I think that the BBC/ITV did a feature about the Auckland world cup with Dennis Waterman taking the lead roll. Have fun today 🙂

    1. Think I have a tedious “jobs” day in store, David. 😦 Life can’t all be fun (even for me 🙂 ) Mick knew all about the world cup connection but I was clueless till I Googled it.

  2. I knew about West Auckland FC and the World Cup but I have driven through the town countless times (never stopped) and never noticed this statue/monument. Next time I will be looking – excellent post again Jo.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 There’s a decent footpath out of the village following the river for a while. At this time of year finding walks that aren’t too boggy underfoot starts to be a problem.

    1. The job sounds right up your street, Richard, but I’m now ashamed of you too 🙂 I had no idea myself till I saw the statue on the village green and Googled it, 6-1, Juve, hey! My clever clogs husband knew all about it, of course.

  3. So, exactly which jacket is it, Jo? And what color? You know I’d want to know that. Love your long shadow, the horses, the berries and the other last vestiges of color in the charming village. All our color in Virginia is about gone, and it’s getting downright cold. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving here this Thursday.

    Good for those West Auckland coal miners turned footballers. 🙂 xxx

    1. I should have known, Cathy! 🙂 The jacket is the grey one I am wearing on The Bishop’s Stroll post. I’m putting the links in on my walking posts but I really don’t want a photo of me scowling at the camera every week. The shadow’s better 🙂
      Happy Thanksgiving, hon! A long weekend! Bet you’ve got plans. I never know exactly when Thanksgiving falls- is is a fixed date? Have a good one 🙂

  4. A pleasant walking in a beautiful village! What a glorious football history, and they are coal miners, how impressive 🙂 Thank you for the story, Jo 🙂

  5. cara Giovanna, lieta di ritrovarti dopo alcuni giorni di assenza dal blog, non credo truscirò per ora a recuperare i post dei giorni indietro, lo spero in seguito, Intanto sono uscita a camminare con te in una giornata luminosa d’autunno dove la tua bravura di fotografa ha saputo esaltare luoghi semplici di una campagna deliziosa
    passa una buona notte, affettuosi saluti

  6. Are you in a walking club then Jo? That would suit me as long as it wasn’t all trudging over stiles and along muddy trails! I am enjoying hearing the history of your locality. Lovely images as usual. 🙂

  7. Is this pretty little town still a coal mining town, Jo? I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the story of its football glory days, or the glorious golden sunshine on this autumn countryside. Glad you’ve made up with Jacket! 🙂

    1. Hi Meredith 🙂 There really isn’t any such thing as a coal mining town any more- certainly not in these parts. We were talking about the fact that new out-of-town retail parks seem to’ve taken over the role of the village shops while we were on the walk. Changing times! 🙂

      1. I didn’t know all the mines had closed down – my goodness, the things you miss when you’re not paying attention! Yes, the world never stops changing! Just recently (I think because we have a lot of UK product on TV here) I’ve been noticing how much things have changed in England since I lived there in the mid-70s – it’s quite startling! 🙂

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