Travelling “My Way”

Don’t worry, I’m not about to burst into song.  Well, I might, but you won’t have to listen.  This is simply my entry for the Travel Your Way photography competition being hosted by Rhino Carhire.  Lovely Lucy nominated me.  She’s on holiday in Portugal right now, recovering from her honeymoon.

I have to post four shots (or more!) depicting travel by air, sea, road and rail.



I have to admit to being one of those people who sit with their nose pressed to the window on a flight.  Kindles and iPads are wasted on me, though I could do with a large map upon my knee.  I’m forever trying to work out which bit of coastline or land mass I’m flying over, while all around me people snore or follow the plot of the latest thriller.  The balls of fluff below and the occasional snowclad peak are all the thrill I need.

The photo above is one of many taken on the journey back to the UK from the Algarve.  Well- you recognised it, didn’t you?  The sun was just setting, touching the lakes with flame.

Traditional barcos rabelos at Peso da Regua

Azulejo panel of traditional barcos rabelos at Peso da Regua

Impossible to capture the boating experience on Portugal’s beautiful Douro with just one photo.  The traditional way of transporting the barrels of port, the winding and weaving river, the terraces of vines- all combined to give me the experience of a lifetime on board with Tomasz do Douro.

Plying a different trade now.

Plying a different trade now.

Yet still remembered on our dining room wall

Yet still remembered on our dining room wall

And culminating in beautiful Porto.

And culminating in beautiful Porto.

Road trips for me usually mean a few days outing from our Algarve home, and always, always result in a lot of walking.  One of my favourite places, ever, was the Spanish city of Cordoba.  We started off on the embankment with this alluring view.

The sky was mean and moody but the sun shone

The sky was mean and moody but the sun shone

A place to rest the feet- the lovely gardens of the Alcazhar.

A place to rest the feet- the lovely gardens of the Alcazhar.

I love everything about travelling by rail, from the clickety-clack of the tracks to a belch of steam on the North York Moors.  I thought that I would probably post a shot of the wonderfully restored and nurtured steam engines, idling on the platform at Grosmont or Goathland.  But in the end I opted for a tram shot.  Nothing quite beats the thrill of these sleek beauties, chugging up and down inclines in Lisbon, and probably my favourite ride- along the shoreline of the Foz do Douro in Porto.

The tram trundles past Foz do Douro

The tram trundles past Foz do Douro

Fortunately for me the deadline on this competition was extended to 31st October or I would never have made the cut, so many thanks to Rhino Carhire for that.  It just remains for me to nominate 5 people who could use a spare £1000 for travel.  And quickly!

Bespoke Traveler has some great tales to tell, and some great shots to go with them.

Hope, the happy hugger – how lovely a name is that?  I’ve just been looking at some stunning bougainvilea shots on her page.

My guilty pleasures  Viveka?  Well you ALL know what a treasure she is.  She’s already got me singing on this grey English day.

Dear Bliary has been one of my favourite blogs for a long time.  Innovation is Gemma’s middle name.  Or was it Marie?

Janalines world journey is a terrific read.  I just hope she has time to take part.

You don’t need a nomination to join in, so if I’ve missed anyone who was desperate to be there, please don’t hesitate.

Hope you enjoyed travelling along with me.  Did you sing?


  1. “I’m forever trying to work out which bit of coastline or land mass I’m flying over, while all around me people snore or follow the plot of the latest thriller.”

    Me too! I love it when they put up a map on the monitors that shows where the airplane is at any given time. It also drives me crazy when I’m on a plane with my own screen but it won’t let you select this channel. Also I get a little nervous when I fly and for some reason looking out the window helps me calm down.

    Beautiful pictures. I’m feeling pretty jealous.

      1. Why not? Somebody out there must win these. 🙂 I could have nominated you but I’m never sure who will appreciate it, and I usually get it wrong 😦

  2. Cloud-gazing is a stunning photo! I love travelling by rail in Europe and experienced the high-speed train in China this summer… Enjoyed reading your “travelling my way”, Johanna! Happy travel 🙂

  3. Another lovely wander with you Jo, though I’m saddened that ‘Walking’ isn’t on that list of travel modes – using Shanks’ Pony to travel is so underrated 😉

      1. I have taken part – thanks to your post, wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! I don’t expect to win anything for one minute, but it is fun to work on something different for a blog. 🙂

  4. So you are one of them huh?….that presses her nose on the window during the whole flight? My husband does this and it drives me nuts…no conversation because he is SO captivated by the scenery…sigh. It is always a delight to come here and travel with you.

    1. I’m short-sighted and forever bumping my nose or the frames of my glasses on the window, Laurie! It’s about the only time I wear glasses and the effort of taking photos too is often more than I can cope with. Mick always has his nose in a book or puzzle as he really isn’t fussy on flying, so no conversation there either 🙂

  5. These are amazing, Jo! I really love that first shot but they are all fantabulous! Cool tram. 😀
    I don’t travel, but I’ll look around for some road trips. Needles to say, nothing will compare to these.

    1. Gem, I’m so sorry- I forgot! I always love the variety in your posts and when I saw you on ‘Brown’ this morning, I flipped the switch. You know how headstrong I can be 🙂 You can just post the road trip- no problem with that.

  6. What a wonderful place to have a second home. I so love that blue and white Portuguese tile. And, like you, I’d much prefer to have a map on my lap during a flight than an ipad. 🙂

    1. I haven’t been since July, and am feeling very ‘homesick’- especially when I look at photos like this 🙂 I’m in Barcelona for the first time ever in early November and am really looking forward to that.

    1. Thanks, Jill. I’ve been stalling on this post since mid September and all of a sudden it came together. I love cloud shots and took quite a few. Think this is one of the better ones. 🙂

  7. Darn, Jo, I was disappointed you didn’t break out in song! I love your story and pictures of “air” travel; and love the Portuguese tram and road trip to lovely Cordoba. And I do know how you love to walk! 🙂

  8. Lovely. I too travel with my nose to the glass – by air or train. No sea travel, though! There’s not much to see on a cross-channel ferry, which is about the limit of my sea travelling.

    1. Ssh, Viv- you’ve spotted that I was on a river! I suppose I should have dug back to the Greek sailing days but those photos were mostly Michael’s and I really loved the Douro. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for inclued me … I need to take the thinking cap on … love you entry – but I think I will struggle with this a bit *smile

    1. You must have some great shots from sailing the high seas, Viveka 🙂 (I know- you were too busy cooking!) I will love whatever you come up with, and if it’s too much hassle- that’s fine too 🙂 Hugs!

      1. Jo, all my high sea photo I made a bonfire of … when I moved in to my new flat – just had enough of them … never looked at them and also they were all on film.
        I think I have come up with an idea.

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