Boats, and more boats!

I always wanted a houseboat!

I always wanted a houseboat!

Do you know, I think I know what it must feel like to have your name up in lights on Broadway!  Or, maybe Shaftesbury Avenue?  Not once, but twice this week I have found my name in a blog!  Fame, notoriety, or just really lovely friends?  I think you know the answer.

First I’m invited to go Split-toning with Sonel.  Now you know, and I know, and even Sonel knows that technique and me are strangers when it comes to photography.  But I have been known to mess about a bit.

Whilst I was thinking how best to approach this, I suddenly found myself a sparkling diamond on Paula’s  beautiful Thursday’s Special.  What’s a girl to do but slap on some powder and paint, add a few spangles, and step onto the landing stage.  Ahoy there!

The marina transformed!

The marina transformed!

Of course, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m like a child with a paintbox- a splash of this, a dash of that!  I only know what I like, and am limited to Ulead Photo Express 4.0 to effect the changes.

I like a working boat too, don't you?

I like a working boat too, don’t you?

I could have sketched this myself? Maybe not!

I could have sketched this myself? Maybe not!

I’m not at all sure that this is appropriate but I really like the effect.  I used a variation of “Oilpaint” in Ulead Photo Express.  I think it looks a bit like a negative, or a picture in a child’s colouring book.

I don't mind a boatyard either

I don’t mind a boatyard, now and then

Sonel knows I like sepia. It's kind of my era!

And Sonel knows I like sepia. It’s kind of my era!

Such an exotic name for a tiny boat!

Such an exotic name for a tiny boat!

This is a watercolour effect

This is a watercolour effect- unsure if it’s appropriate, but I really like it.

I like the reflection on this one

I rather like the reflection on this one

This blue effect seems to bring the photo alive to me

But, for me, it comes alive with the blue effect.

Talking of reflections, this one I really like

Talking of reflections, this one I really love

Another one I love

And with a pink tint, too.

This little wooden craft is a favourite of mine too

This little wooden craft is a favourite of mine

Or a blue tint?

Do you like the blue tint?

And in the harbour mighty PSS Wingfield Castle

And finally, in the harbour, mighty paddlesteamer PSS Wingfield Castle

Sepia takes this right back in time

Sepia takes it right back in time, don’t you think?

I have to humbly apologise to Sonel if this wasn’t quite what she intended.  Do, please, visit Sonel’s Corner to see how it really should be done, and maybe try it yourself.  She is an expert in my eyes, and also the loveliest friend.

Meantime, the star of the show is Hartlepool marina.  I have spent many happy hours there taking photographs of boats.  Paula knows I love them.  I’d like to say thank you to her for making my Thursday very special.  Do you have something special you’d like to share?  Thursday’s Special is the place to do it.



  1. great set – I have never wanted a boat until recently and so watch this space perhaps next year for the summer… I cant share any more as it is tied up within my business plan but we shall see – if it is meant to be

    1. Oh, that sounds too good to be true, if I’m guessing right, Scott. 🙂 I’m a rubbish and clumsy sailor, and not even good at swimming, but I always hankered after one. 🙂 Many thanks for spending so much time on here with me. I really appreciate it from someone who takes “proper” photos. I’m watching a sunrise over my shoulder which promises so much, but I’m in the wrong place to turn it into a good photo. Story of my life 🙂

    1. Clever, aren’t they? I didn’t know I had it in me, Vicky! 🙂 Except all the hard work is done by the photo editor. I don’t always like “trickery” but it can be amazing. Have you seen Sonel’s pages? They are truly awesome. 🙂

  2. è stato davvero interessante vedere come tecniche diverse possono totalmente cambiare il senso della stessa immagine, all’amica Giovanna piace giocare e piace creare, questo le fa avere una visione molto movimentata ed attraente della vita!

    It was really interesting to see how various techniques can totally change the meaning of the same image, her friend Joan would like to play and like to create, it does have a very lively and attractive!
    very good!

  3. Ahh Boats! I love them Jo. I looks like you had fun experimenting with the processing. I do as well, but sometimes I’m not brave enough to show the results. Good for you for doing so.

    1. Heck! I can feel my head swelling. Better go and cook lunch. That’ll bring me back down to size 🙂 Many thanks, Jill. The photo editor did all the hard work.

    1. Looks like you’re going to need those smiles, looking out of the window this morning, David! Wasn’t yesterday fabulous? I was Nordic walking and seal spotting along Greatham Creek. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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