Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

IMG_9070There’s nothing I like better than to crest the brow of a hill and see it sparkling in the distance.  It’s like a magnet from then on and my gaze keeps returning to it, imagining myself on that shore.  I’ve lived within sight of the sea for most of my life, and cannot imagine a time where I couldn’t stroll on a beach at will.  It’s lucky for me that there are endless stretches of cliff top walking in my rugged corner of north eastern England.

IMG_9087IMG_9092IMG_9095IMG_9099IMG_9108IMG_9110IMG_9112IMG_9115These photos were taken this morning on the stretch of coast just south of Seaham.  You may remember, I posted recently about the town and its regeneration in No time like the present.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  The sea is a subject that never fails to engage me.   I’m off now to check out the other entries.  Come with me?


  1. Beautiful pictures of the clouds and sea. I’m new to this travel group and really enjoyed viewing where you live. Question: why did you chose not to add watermarks to your photos?


    1. Hi Neva 🙂 Welcome to north east England. Thank you for your kind comments. I’ve never used watermarks as I feel they disfiguire. I could never make my living from photography so if anyone steals an image, it doesn’t cost me, and I find it aesthetically much more pleasing. I’d be cross if they reproduced the whole article but I’d probably be flattered if it was just one photo.


    1. When I’m in a foul temper (who me?) it’s exactly where I want to be (Greta Garbo style). Actually I was with a band of happy walkers, and that was fine too. Variety, Gem 🙂


  2. I knew you wouldn’t miss this one Jo! 🙂 Came here expecting to see Portuguese waters, but these are equally beautiful. My pick is the one with the wooden benches.


    1. I’m worn out today Cath, so you’ll have to walk by yourself. 🙂 Only 4 hours sleep last night because I was watching Rafa till 3.30. The time difference messes me up!


      1. 27th September so not long to go now – and Suzanne is just a week later on 4th October! Dress fitting yesterday and sorting out the final details but almost there now.


    1. The weather is still surprisingly nice, Paula. I’m kind of holding my breath, willing it to last. 🙂 Are you ok? I saw something in your “Sea” comments that made it sound like you weren’t feeling great.


      1. Thank you for asking Jo. I don’t want to complaint … I will appear as the most sick person on WP :D. I passed the whole weekend with a toothache and a persistent bladder infection, but the things are finally looking up :). Will you be joining me this Thursday for the challenge – if not I can wait for you till Sunday 😀


      2. Sounds grim! 😦 Probably not because I will be lingering at windows with Dawn and which way-ing with Cee, but if you inspire me- well, you never know. 🙂


    1. There are some grim bits as well, Rich, but it’s not a bad old place to live. 🙂
      You just back from/going to somewhere nice? I haven’t seen you on here in a bit but then I’ve missed a few with the Polish visit, etc.


      1. Ages since I’ve looked at SS. Rather disillusioned with the whole thing. I feel like I should move on from here but I really don’t have the know-how. 😦


  3. ecco ritrovata nel mio ritorno la cara, carissima Johanna con splendide foto dedicate al mare del nord-england…il sole sta lentamente calando sull’orizzone ed i colori si fanno più lievi. ottimi gli sfondi..nell’araia la poesia
    un grandissimo abbraccio


  4. It’s wonderful to see those vast wild expanses of coast, Jo, with the sea stretching out beyond fuelling imaginations. You’re very lucky to have lived close to the coast all these years – for most of us (especially country-born Australians who spent their childhoods hundreds of miles inland!) views like these are at best a once a year treat. It’s beginning to sink in that my new home is just along the river from the dunes and sandbars of its mouth, and that I too will be able to smell the sea every day.

    I’ll catch up soon, I hope – great to see these beautiful shots in the meantime 🙂


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