Capture the Colour 2013

My lovely friend Suzanne, The Travelbunny, has tagged me to take part in this year’s Travelsupermarket competition, Capture the Colour 2013.  When you’re at my level it’s just a bit of fun, but the prizes are brilliant, and some of the entries I’ve seen so far are pure inspiration.  Nothing to lose, right?

The door is just about to open.

A string of white rosary beads on the Carmo Church, Tavira.

The above shot is my entry for White.  I used it in a Six word Saturday post when I’d just returned home from the beautiful Eastern Algarve. I was trying to get the images out of my head and back to my “real world” in England.

Romantic Summer evenings weren’t so easy to forget.  Blue was the mood, and leads to my second entry from Tavira, pictured  below.

A moonlight wander.

A moonlit blue for an evening stroll.

But eventually you settle back in and start to plan for the next excitement.  A wedding anniversary certainly helped.  The trompe l’oeuil effect in my favourite Italian restaurant in Durham provided me with an interesting Green entry, and a good post for the Lingering look at Windows series.


Atmospheric green and trompe l’oeuil in La Spaghettata.

I looked through a lot of Polish windows earlier this year too, none more lovely then my Yellow entry.  The Ratusz stands prominently in the market square, Rynek Główny, in Kraków.  I had often looked at it in admiration but it wasn’t till I climbed the tower that I found these gems.

Through the windows of the bell tower of the Ratusz or Town Hall in Krakow

Yellow stained glass windows in the bell tower of the Ratusz (Town Hall)

I thought long and hard about my last colour, Red.  I know that this isn’t a prize winning shot but to me it’s very special.  It captures all the warmth and vibrance of the amazing occasion which was my daughter’s Steampunk wedding this year.  My red-haired lady and her beloved cut a dashing pair.  Lisa made her gown and Leo’s red frock coat.  I think she deserves a place in this post.

Lisa and Leo leaving the church

Lisa and Leo leaving the church

I hope you enjoyed my selections as much as I enjoyed the chance to look back.  Time to look forward and nominate 5 people to take part in the challenge.

Cathy of Catbird in Europe (just to confuse you, she’s now Nomad, Interrupted)

Lynn at Blue Brightly

Seonaid at Breathe of Green Air

James and Terri at Gallivance  (an unfair advantage here, methinks!)

Guntha at Movin’ On

I know that in making these selections I’ve kissed goodbye to my chances, but it’s all about the taking part, isn’t it? (boo! hoo!)  You have until 9th October to get your entries in folks, and you don’t even have to wait to be nominated.  All the details regarding entry are at  Just follow the link.  Good luck!


  1. I can’t decide between your green & yellow entries, Jo. BOTH are my favorites! 🙂 love the green subtly & the freshness of the yellow. Bravo. Great job!


      1. Haha! I may be at fault a little, Jo. I’m behind in catching up with all my favorites – You did post it, uhm, haha, more than a week ago 😉 (Ok, short term memory loss it is!)


      2. I can’t remember where I slept last night! (but don’t tell my husband that 🙂 ) I get caught up in whatever I’m doing at the moment, Tahira, then it’s gone. I love your visits. No blame apportioned 🙂


  2. A beautiful selection. I like them all, but red and white have to be my favourites. Though green is noice too and I shall have to visit that restaurant next time I’m in Durham. Well done, Jo


  3. The thought of a Steampunk Wedding is fabulous to me. Are there more pictures you would care to share ! I just love it and Congratulations to them!


    1. There’s another link within that one too, I think? I’ve done a couple of Steampunk posts, one of which was a booklaunch with my daughter as a ship’s figurehead. Never a dull moment. Thanks for your good wishes 🙂


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