Eastern Algarve, Portugal

DSCF0219How’s this for lazy? My take on the Eastern Algarve in 200 words. Do you think it works?

Two Hundred Word Travel

Head east from Faro and a different Algarve awaits- a world of water, salt marshes and sensuous sandbars.

Follow Phoenician footsteps through Tavira. The town’s past can be seen through the glass floors of the Galeria Palace, or find present day Tavira viewed upside down in the Camera Obscura. Gaze out to the saltpans across tessoura tiled roofs. Luxuriate in a fig and almond ice cream from Muxagata’s kiosk, as you count terrapins in the riverside gardens. As the light fades, cross over Ponte Romana for a lingering glass of port at Anazu. Later, make Luis smile at A Taska by savouring his cogumelos sauce.

Nearby Santa Luzia has back streets like nowhere else. Tile patterns run amok. Take the lazy steam train to Barril’s iconic anchor beach, and walk briskly back. Catch the Armona ferry from Olhao. Shifting sandbars and shell-patterned beach homes await…

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  1. Wonderful! I wish we could have done ALL that stuff; it sounds perfectly enticing in your 200 words! 🙂 The things I did do with you, you capture perfectly. 🙂

    It’s often harder to capture the essence of a place using only a few words than if you write too much (which I tend to do!). Excellent!

    1. Well, you had a taster, Cathy. I’m glad you enjoyed what we did. You were a perfect companion so thanks a lot. 🙂
      It was a challenge, but hopefully it will make people want to see more.

      1. I think you succeeded in making it very inviting, Jo! Now I want to come back and see & experience all the things I missed, especially the fig and almond gelato! 🙂

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