Sunday Post : Perspective


Perspective is used by artists to give an illusion of space and distance.  I remember struggling mightily with it at school.  My brain understood the concept but my fingers didn’t.  I don’t know of a better graphic artist than Jakesprinter.  He never would have had my problems.  This week he’s sent us a message in a bottle, and I’m reminded that I haven’t sang to you for a while.  Perhaps you could be distracted that way, or should I just show you a couple of photos that, I think, represent the concept of perspective?  If they don’t, hopefully you’ll enjoy them anyway.

After all, I’m only trying to gain a little perspective on one of my favourite subjects- the lovely city of Krakow.

Perhaps you should look at some other entries to get a little better perspective.  But don’t forget to visit Jake.


  1. Wonderful impressions from a town on my bucket list, I always wanted to go there.
    So many places, so little time… not to mention the moneypart…. sigh…
    The last photo ist excellent for the theme! Thanks for letting me having a glance at Krakow!

    1. Thanks, Dina. It is a fascinating city and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering there. The chess pieces were quite a surprise and I loved them. 🙂

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