Six word Saturday


Viv, Northumberlandia and a hot chocolate

Northumberlandia from the summit

The head of Northumberlandia from the summit

A nobile profile and a glimmer of sun

A noble profile and a glimmer of sun

What a pleasure and a privilege it was to meet Viv Blake from Viv in France this week.  When a blogger suggests a meet up I’m initially delighted, then I get to worrying.  They will see the “real me” behind the Restlessjo personna.  What if I’m a disappointment or we don’t “gel”?  I was very much in awe of Viv’s literary ability, but knew that she had a sense of humour.  Isn’t that always an enormous help?

I needn’t have worried.  Viv was charming.  My husband, Michael, drove us up to Stannington to meet at a local farm shop.  Viv and her daughter, Sally, were just arriving as we drove in.  Smiles and waves- “are you Jo?”  Introductions all round, then into the coffee shop for a little fortification.  We needed it!  If you’ve seen my post on Northumberlandia you’ll know just what I mean.

The day was biting cold but that didn’t deter us.  We were on a mission to see this astounding landform sculpture, with which Sally and her husband had been closely involved. Michael, as a garden and landscape designer, was interested too.  Me, I just gaped and admired!

The climb to the summit was quite steep and I was a little worried that Viv wouldn’t make it, but there was no way she was being left behind!  We battled the elements and, as ever, I snapped away.  The photos and the full story are on my Welcome to Northumberlandia post.  I simply wanted to use my Six word Saturday to pay tribute to a lovely lady and a lovely day.

The hot chocolate?  That was hard earned but very welcome.  Viv sat warming her hands on the cup, while I tucked into a very delicious apple and gooseberry crumble with custard.  Well, you have to put the calories back somehow, don’t you?

That warming cup of hot chocolate afterwards

That warming cup of hot chocolate afterwards

Happy Six word Saturday everybody!  As usual, you can join in by visiting Cate at Show My Face.  Click on the header or the links for more details.



    1. That is so funny, Sam! It’s easy to foget about our “upside down” friends. I was watching Rafa in the desert at Indian Wells tournament last night(only on TV, sadly) and I was so jealous of the warmth.


  1. 🙂 I love what you did, Jo! And I’m jealous of Viv all the way. We might be in the U.K. in April or if not then it will be in the Summer sometime. I may not be able to climb that mountain so perhaps one of your beside the sea walks would be better. 🙂

    Today I took pictures (new camera seems fine) at an 80-year-old’s birthday and quilt (hers) showing. Getting them off the computer is harder from this camera is harder than from my older Sonys.


  2. How fab to meet up with a online buddy!These days more people are doing that aren’t they…making friends on line and then meeting them in real life,it’s a good way to meet and make new friends I think.
    It looks very cold in Northumberland but very impressive too.Im glad you both had a great time,lv Jess x


    1. It’s a little bit scarey, Jess, but then, isn’t life? I have friends I have known for years that I maybe don’t have as much in common with as some of my blogging buddies.


      1. I know exactly how you feel there Jo…my Twitter family definitely know me more than most real life people do….isnt that strange!?!
        I can imagine it is a bit scary at first to actually meet one of them tho! Isn’t it funny how some of us have really embraced this online community of ours!!


  3. I just love this … when there is a chance for us to meet up we should do it .. I have been saying for a year now that if my numbers comes up … lottery – and I win enough will I travel around and meet up with my blogging friends all over the world. Viv, is what I understand a very special lady. Know another blogger that has met her. Thanks for letting me meeting you both on the same time. The profile photo and Viv’s are excellent – can see how she enjoys the hot cup.


    1. Tonight I heard from another blogger that I have “met” accidentally, Viveka. I was out with some walking friends on the York Moors last summer, and we stopped at a pub afterwards. An elderly dog lay under the table because it was warm (yes, in England!) and we chatted briefly with the owners as they left. A few months later we discovered that we had chatted on the blogs, and we both remembered the day we almost met. Isn’t life strange?
      I might be meeting Vicky in May. If ever you come near, Viveka, we must share a hug.


  4. I’ve only met one blogging buddy and like you I suddenly got scared and thought “what if we have nothing to say?” as I knocked on her front door. But it was wonderful.
    I like your 6 words Jo. Driving to work on Thursday I heard a documentary on National Public Radio about the 6 word story. So interesting.


    1. Fancy it making National Public Radio! Northumberlandia is an interesting place, Rosie, and there are more pics on my previous post. As you gathered, Viv was lovely.


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