Sunday Post : Goals


Jakesprinter’s subject for this week’s Sunday Post is Goals.  Not my favourite topic, but let’s play with it!

Estadio de Luz, Benfica

Estadio de Luz, Benfica

Estadio do Algarve

Estadio do Algarve

Both my husband and son are huge football fans, and can’t wait to check out the local stadium whenever we travel.  Which leaves me free to look at more interesting things.  And I do!

The former palacio at Estoi, now a hotel

Like the former palacio at Estoi, now a pousada, or hotel

An exotic plant (don't ask me which one)

Or these exotic plants (please don’t ask their name!)

Looking over Lisbon rooftops to the River Tejo

The view of the River Tejo in Lisbon was very pretty

But Tavira's riverbank by night is lovely too

But Tavira’s riverbank by night is lovely too

Admire a restaurant sign

I could admire a restaurant sign or two

Or take a wild ride at the funfair

Or take a wild ride at the funfair

But most likely, I'll linger by that bridge again!

But most likely, I’ll linger by that bridge again!

And next morning wake in my lovely Tavira home

And, next morning, wake in my lovely Tavira home

I don’t really have my goals for 2013 clearly defined yet.  I surely plan to spend more time in Tavira, and to do some travelling around Portugal.  I usually try to tie that in to a festival or event.  Jerez and Cadiz have been beckoning me for a while, and I’m mildly curious about Gibraltar.

I absolutely must do something about my wilting language skills, particularly because I hope to visit Polish family again this Spring.  A new self-hosted website, a photo book?  Those decisions still haven’t been taken.  Live my life as fully as I can, without hurting those around me.  I guess that has to be my main goal.  And if I could do a little good along the way, that would be magnificent.  I’ll let you know how I do.

I’m sure there are some cracking goals on Jake’s page, so let’s hit the flying dragon logo link and go check him out, shall we?  It’s always a pleasure.


  1. You’re sure to have fun with your goals Jo !
    Tavira does look rather nice I must say – nice strolling along the riverbank on a Summers eve mm

  2. well, even if you have not settled on any one goal for 2013, it looks like traveling will still be a favorite goal for you in this new year…you are truly blessed. thank you for sharing your passions with your words and great images. nice! ❤
    happy new year!

    1. Andrew Petcher (Have bag,will travel) has done quite a few lovely ones, and I always look and think “I could do that”. But could and do haven’t married up so far, Lorna.

      Might have to do Gib on a bus trip on my own. Husband was looking distinctly unimpressed with the notion. (the early start has something to do with it) He could have a peaceful day with a book.

  3. Ah! I could have guessed Jake’s topic this week – but a good topic (has us thinking).

    Are you Polish? My mother was Polish (refugee). Blessings to you!

    Happy new year, & good luck with those language skills. I know very little Polish (mum died when I was 6 & that was that!)

    1. My Dad is Polish, but left home at 15 and only made it back there 6 years ago. Overnight I acquired aunts, uncles, and 26 cousins! It’s been an emotional journey, but I haven’t really got to grips with the language, though I can read a little. Sorry about your mum, and many thanks for the good wishes.

    1. I have a photo of the eagle too, Rich. The lads were fully excited when we met up afterwards, but I got to wander Lisbon alone for a while- priceless! Just wish I’d taken more photos.

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