The breakwater

The breakwater

The sea was boiling today!  One of those “wrap up warm, good to be alive” days.  It was my final walk with the group before we split up for the Christmas hols, and we stayed local, on Hartlepool’s Headland.









It was all just an excuse to have coffee and scones at Mary Rowntree’s Victorian Tearooms.  Wonderful to be inside, out of the cold, in this beautifully restored former church.





This is just a quick thank you post to all who offered me advice and encouragement   when I was in despair at the weekend.  As you can see, the photo crisis is resolved, and I’m now hastening to put our Christmas tree up, finish the shopping, and catch up with all your blogs. (you know very well that it won’t be in that order!)

See you soon!


  1. That first photo is just awesome. I will have to put it on my Pinterest site too. You have captured the water and the light so beautifully. It was worth being left behind a few times!

      1. Jo, I love the sea too, but I live 5 hours from the nearest beach 😦
        I love looking in all the rock pools to see what I can find and then photograph. My family get bored in minutes and just leave me to it!

  2. Man, I love stormy seas. Having grown up listening to the surf outside my open bedroom window, living in landlocked Hungary chafes at times. Your photos put me in mind of my childhood days on the winter beach. Thanks for sharing.

  3. No matter what the sea and its waves looks like, they are exhilarating to me. They calm my being and somehow soothe all sorts of aches and stress. Beautiful images. Wishing you and your family all the joys and blessings of the Holidays.

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