Capture the Colour

Colour is so much a part of our world.  The challenge to capture it in a memorable way has been set by, and a formidable array of talented bloggers have already joined in.  Amongst them, Kathryn, of Travel with Kat, who has very kindly nominated me.  Many thanks, Kat.  I’ll do my best.

The challenge requires that you submit a blog post with an image for each of 5 colours- red, white, blue, green and yellow.  Full details are to be found on the Travelsupermarket website. The top prize, £2000 to spend on travel, is definitely worth a little effort.


The Marquess of Londonderry, encapsulated in a snowdome- Durham “Lumiere” 2011

I’m starting near to home with a photo that cost me a black eye.  So captivated was I by the light installations at Durham City’s “Lumiere 2011” that I forgot to look where I was going and went head over heels over a concrete block- ouch!  I shall exercise more caution when I return to Durham for “Lumiere” 2013, but return I most certainly will.  The illumination of Durham’s historic buildings was simply spectacular.  I loved the blue of the Snowdome, but equally beautiful were “The Waterfall”, and the Lindisfarne Gospels projected onto Durham Cathedral.


A sparkling white carriage makes its stately way around Rynek Glowny in Krakow

My first sight of Rynek Główny in Kraków was charged with emotion.  I had the arm of my Aunt Anna tucked into mine.  We had met, for the first time, just days before.  She and Dad were separated when he was only 15, and reunited 64 years later, with grateful thanks to the internet.  The Market Square with its medieval Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) will always be special to me.  The horse and carriages are a little cliched, but perfect for my white photo, from my K is for Krakow post.


One of 400 breadbaskets carried aloft at the Festa dos Tabuleiros, Tomar

My red photo transports me immediately to July 2011.  The Festa dos Tabuleiros takes place just once every 4 years in Tomar, Central Portugal.  The streets dazzle in swathes of multi-hued paper flowers and the 4 feet high breadbaskets are paraded on the heads of 400 or more dainty ladies.  Crisply dressed young escorts slip an arm around each of the waists and help to balance the weight.  It’s a sight I will never forget.


Such a mix of ancient and modern, the architecture of Wroclaw

I loved the subtlety of the old gold of this building in Wrocław’s colourful Rynek.  Polish architecture is an intriguing mix, much of it reconstructed following the wholescale devastation of World War 2.  It’s my offering for yellow.


The Queen of Hearts on the village green in Elwick

I’m coming home again for my green choice.  National pride was strong in my local village, Elwick, when they gave their annual Scarecrow Festival a Jubilee theme.  It was so much fun and the sight of the characters from Alice in Wonderland playing croquet on a traditional village green brought many a smile.

Travelsupermarket request that we pass this challenge on to 5 more bloggers, so I’m very happy to nominate:

Marcia of La Chica Writes

Andrew of Have Bag, Will Travel

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Zoe of Zoetic Epics

 Good luck everybody!


  1. Hi I missed this. WordPress is so messing with the blogs I follow on my reader. I am having to manually chase everyone up. Nice variety of choices there, I’m a fan of the yellow one too. I saw this somewhere else and am still trying to work out if I have five photos! I’m sure I have, it’s just sorting through them.


    1. Hiya Rough! Same for me sometimes- very frustrating. You saw this on Wanderlust Gene’s lovely blog. I know because I left a comment saying “if I can, you can” but I’m not sure that I left it in the right place, or if you saw it. Good luck!


      1. Hi Jo, I am new to this, what is happening and how does it work?
        I get new feeds in my mail with people commenting on your blog and saying they have enclosed something, can you fill me in. . . ‘drowning in ignorance’ Kerry


      2. You’re absolutely right. And I did see the comment, and laughed! So far I’ve got to blue 😀

        With regard to WP, I think I’m going to have to write a boring old-fashioned paper list of fave blogs and leave it next to the computer instead of relying on incompetent Reader.


  2. Lovely pictures, the snowdome in particular 🙂 I’d love to visit Krakow, everyone says it’s beautiful so I must go 🙂


    1. Thanks, Christine. Yes, that week I spent in Wroclaw recently would probably never have happened,and many other things besides. The best thing is the new lease of life it’s given Dad. He’s often in pain with arthritis but has a reason to carry on now- he’s the oldest of his brothers and sister.


      1. Top of screen, left hand side says “About”. You can put a few facts about you in if you want- profile stuff.
        If you click on my map it should bring up and you download it from there I think. Don’t ask me any hard questions, will you?


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