Sunday Post : Village

Jakesprinter’s theme for this week is Village.  How nearly impossible to choose just one.

The villages closest to my heart are the storm tossed fishing villages of the north east coast of England.  Battling the elements, they shiver beneath crumbling cliffs and cling fast to steep-sided gullies.  Erosion is a daily concern.  Yet visit these same villages on a calm summer’s day, and all is serenity.  Not a hint of turmoil, or the toll that the sea has taken.

I love them with a passion, for their sheer beauty, and for the tenacity that holds them there.  I never feel quite so free as when walking the clifftops, nor so peaceful as when rambling through their maze of streets and the miracle of their survival.

Looking down on Robin Hood’s Bay

Climbing the hill out of the village

And a little up the coast, Runswick Bay.

And Staithes.

And even sad Skinningrove, watched over by it’s wooden fishermen.

Can you see what draws me to them?

Thank you again, Jake, for your amazing graphics, and the wonderful opportunity you provide for us to share our treasures.  To join Jake’s challenge simply click on Jake’s magical dragon logo, or, if you prefer, here.


  1. How far do you walk? Perhaps I could sneak in with Madhu! 🙂
    My kids in London are saying that this is the nicest day of the year so far. Great for SIL’s golf outing tomorrow. Perhaps you rain has stopped too by now?
    BTW, those people answering never do add up to 100 as they only post on board the top eight or so and never the ones of which only one person has suggested. Thank you for adding them up, I might do that also as I wondered how mnay there would be here.
    Jim’s Six Word Saturday


    1. Hi Jim! Usually no more than 6 miles but it varies. I’m watching Wimbledon and it’s been glorious there all day. Finally got blue skies here too. Better late than never.


  2. There’s something unforgettable about a coastal village. Just like what you said, during a calm, sunny day, it is serene and beautiful. and even if it looks scary during a storm, it still takes your breathaway. Love these images. Have a great weekend.


  3. Jo…what gorgeous photos! i love them. These are the perfect “village” photos I don’t have in my archives! I’ve never been to England, and always have wanted to go. These photos make me want to visit now! 😉
    Thanks so much for posting. It’s the perfect interpretation for Jake’s theme!


    1. Thanks Judy, for your lovely comment and for following. I am very lucky in where I live, yet it’s a “not very thriving” town in the north east of England, with a view of a power station and heavy industry from the beach. The beauty’s there- we just have to go looking (or face the right direction).


  4. They are so beautiful photographs dear Johanna, I loved them, especially the colours of the houses and the green and sea view… amazing. Thank you, love, nia


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