My personal A -Z of Poland

My personal A-Z of Poland

There are folks out there who’ll think I’m greedy, or just a glutton for punishment- I’m not sure which?  Couldn’t help myself, I just had to raise a hand in the air and shout “me, me!” when the prospect of a personal A-Z of Poland came along, even though I had already committed to a Portuguese A-Z.

You see, the Polish journey for me is a relatively new and very special one.  It’s just 5 years ago this month that I discovered that I had any Polish family at all, apart from my Dad, but I’ve since acquired loads!  I have already written about this in and it is for me a very emotional subject.  It would be a privilege to share a little of what I have learned about Poland, and my wonderful Polish family, here in these pages.

I wasn’t encouraged to learn the Polish language as a child- Dad was busy integrating into the English community.  I have sincerely regretted my own lack of application since then, and have struggled mightily to be able to communicate with older family members.  The youth are great, and go out of their way to speak English to me.  So, a few Polish phrases may slip in now and then, but I will be writing in English, sadly.

I’m itching to get started, but first must give credit to Julie Dawn Fox, who developed the original idea of “A personal A-Z of…” with her post on Portugal

In the spirit of this challenge I’d be more than happy for bloggers out there to write their own A-Z, in English, Polish or whatever your native language is.

Can’t wait to post this then I can move on to “A is for…”  See you soon!


  1. One of teachers at Uni was Polish…she is without doubt the hardest working woman I have ever come across, and remained a kind, smiley, helpful person.

    As ever – great shots on your blog posts


    1. Thanks Tayab! The quality of some of the photos in the following posts aren’t so great as they’re sourced from quite old photos, but they’re full of character.

      I agree about Polish teachers- I spent a short-time at evening classes and my teacher Barbara Rozycka-Harandon was phenomenal. She had a fulltime job and did evening classes in Polish, Russian and Bulgarian whenever needed!


  2. Hi Jo – if you add my page as a ‘live’ link in your post – i.e. when you click on it you transfer over to my page … then I get a one line message in my comments on my blog with a ‘pingback’ – if I accept the message then it gets added to my comments – and becomes a link back to your page too…
    oh heck – I’m with David Hall above – it sounds so simple in my head… and then complicated when I try to type it….!!!!!
    Tell you what – don’t worry about it at all – just keep doing what you do so well – that is writing beautiful engaging posts for us all to enjoy….
    I am so looking forward to your Poland series –


  3. Not too sure Jo but I think that a pingback is where you allow another site to include your own post within their blog by means of a link back to your blog. Reading this back to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have tried to explain it, sounds double dutch to me!
    Looking forward to your A-Z.


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