Six Word Saturday


                      Signed up, all set to play!


Sand City, FIESA, Pera, Algarve

It seemed straightforward when I decided to follow Alyson Sheldrake’s lead and take part in Six Word Saturday.  Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the formatting process on WordPress and a simple idea has taken me 3 hours to complete!  And I still haven’t managed to show the “Six Word Saturday” banner!  Will I be disqualified? Maybe I’ll be faster next week, or will I just spend my whole Saturday on 6 words.  Did somebody say “life is for learning”? 


  1. This could be a new and exciting adventure,
    and if you like a little horror then drop into my
    Space sometime, but do bring along some of
    that garlic chewing gum and a few sharpened
    stakes 🙂 Have a fun Tuesday now 🙂



    1. Wow! It’s raining jewels at the moment! (sorry,got diamonds on the brain having just finished reading Tobias Hill’s “The Love of Stones”- good one and, I think, happy ending!)

      You know what this means? I get more practise at putting logos into my sidebar!

      Thanks a lot for this Meg. I love yours too. Can’t wait to see where in Italy you’re going.


  2. Welcome and bon courage! I’ve been doing 6-w-S for yonks and still haven’t managed the image thingy. It doesn’t matter – just copy/paste the address from the header bar into your post.


  3. Hi hun – sorry it took you so long – but welcome on board!
    the good news is next week you can go back into this week’s post and copy and paste the html you used this week – then wander back into the ‘visual’ side and alter the changes for the next week…
    happy to help you via an e-mail if that would be useful – I have only learnt WordPress through a bit of trial and error really – and have found that a smattering of html can help!
    and linking banners and images is sort of easy…. I think! give me a shout if you want a hand…. 🙂


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