Jo’s Monday walk

footsteps 02Hi walkers!

A few people have asked me about rules and regulations for joining my Monday walks.  Well, that part’s easy.  I don’t have any!

It’s not a challenge, you see.  Walking is one of the great pleasures of my life.  Ever since I began my blog I have enjoyed introducing people to new places, and the walks are another way to do it. Many of them are local and well known to me in my north east of England home.  Others are a bit more exotic.

Back in March 2014 I had the idea to invite you to participate, in Jo’s Monday walk : Greatham Creek. You might remember the peepholes photo.


I hadn’t thought it through, of course.  I just knew that I liked having company on my walks, and I was pretty sure that lots of you would have great walks to share.  I got that bit right!  You have shared some fabulous walks with me.

So, how does it work?  Every week I will publish a walk on a Monday.  If for any reason I can’t make it, I will let you know.  When the walk is published, anyone is welcome to leave a link in my Comments, to any walk that they have taken.  It doesn’t have to be on a Monday.  It can be at any time and of any duration.  The amount of detail/photos, etc. is up to you.

When I’ve read your walk post, I will tweet it and share on my Restlessjo Facebook page.

The following week, I will include a link to your walk post on the bottom of my Monday walk.  If I do it this way, more people have chance to see it than if I add them to my post as the week goes by.  Occasionally, if someone is very prompt or lives in a time zone ahead of me, I might include it in the same week.  I’m trying not to make it too complicated.  This page is simply to answer a few queries I’ve had, and hopefully to sort out any confusion.

walking logo

I have had some wonderful walks shared with me, and I look forward to many more. Thank you so much to all who have taken part so far.  I thought maybe a logo would be nice and I rather like this one.  Expect it to turn up in my future walks.

That’s about it, really.  Any questions, or suggestions- I’m here.  Meantime, happy walking!



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