How lucky am I to be able to dedicate a page to Awards?  When I began blogging in September 2011, I couldn’t have conceived of such a thing.  Yet thanks to the kindness of the blogging community, I’ve collected quite a few, and I think it’ll make life easier if I gather them all up in one place.  I should warn you that I no longer write Awards post.  I’m sorry but it takes up too much time.  I will always include a link to you here if you nominate me and I will always be grateful for the huge support I have received.

First up, and I can remember the utter amazement with which I received this, Alyson Sheldrake of The Thought Palette gave me her ABC Award.

Aly keeps two blogs and runs a successful painting and photographic business (with her lovely husband Dave, too, of course).  I think she must “knit” time!

Next up, the Liebster Award, translating as “darling” and intended to encourage new writers, it certainly did that.  I owe the honour to Meg of Meg Travels, a travel addict like myself, with a cracking good blog.

A Hug came next!  Well, you can imagine how that made me feel.  Yet again, I was nominated by Alyson Sheldrake, for an award originally conceived by Connie Wayne on her blog, A Hope for Today.  Hope Unites Globally.  How great would that be?

The 7 X 7 Link Award and the Versatile Blogger Award arrived next, in rapid succession.  Meg Travels was again kind enough to pass on the Link, and a lady I’d been in awe of for some time, Francine, of Francine in Retirement, nominated me as a Versatile Blogger.  Wow!  Francine’s link takes you to a beautiful video which is very typical of the lady herself.

The Kreativ Blogger was an award I had coveted for a while, and Sam of Two Black Dogs was so kind as to nominate me.  As well as loving dogs, Sam keeps a fine travel writing blog, where I can very happily loose a little more time.

Then I received the next 3 awards, which finally prompted me to construct this page.  I’m noticing a definite trend here because Sam of Two Black Dogs gave me the Illuminating Blogger Award and Meg of Meg Travels gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. (many thanks, again, ladies)  A blog I’m fairly new to but now count on as a friend is Grandmother Musings, and Jamie very kindly gave me One Lovely Blog Award.  Brilliant!  Have you met Jackson?  He just gave me another One Lovely Blog.  Many thanks, kind sir.  They keep on coming, and now I’m delighted to add Maryann at Genealogy Sisters to those who’ve been kind enough to nominate me.  If you can find the time, please go and say ‘hi’.

Reena of Life is a Journey has been kind enough to nominate me for the Adventurous Blogger Award.  Wow!  Hers is a fairly new blog, so be sure to give her lots of encouragement.  Deepali too gave me this award.  Another wonderful blog to spend time with.

A Sunshine Award next from Autumn in Bruges.  A girl after my own heart!  I can never have too much sunshine in my life, so this was a real gift.  I love gerberas too.

Izabela Benisz of Shutter Effects very kindly named me a Beautiful Blogger.  Well, I can live in hope.  Many thanks, Izabela, and for your great blog too.

I’ve mostly used my Six word Saturday posts to comment on my awards, which is a bit of a crime really.  I’m hoping Cate of Show My Face doesn’t mind.  Because I always write about travel, they don’t fit in too well anywhere else, hence this page.

You may also have noted that Aly has been busy again, and created a thoughtful new award.  You can have up to 6 stars, and Aly started me off.  I’m sure you’ll know where to find her on her Algarve Blog.  This one has really taken off and it’s impossible to keep up with so many superstars.  I received stars 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from Julie Dawn FoxThe Travelbunny, Francine in RetirementNuts for Treasure and Winter Ice Magic, and so I am complete.  Many thanks to all you lovely ladies.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Stars keep on twinkling, and Sam at Two Black Dogs was kind enough to bequeath me another- lucky number 7.

A bit of sparkle arrived just in time for Christmas!  Elisa at Eat, Travel, Photograph passed on Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments- a bit of blogging fun.


Just when I think I’m catching up, I realise that I’m really not!  A while ago I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World award by The Habitual Runaway. (another blog name I absolutely love)  “Cheers” I said.  “I’m lucky I’ve got that one too.  I’ll give you a shout on my Awards page”.  So when I get here, what do I find?  Yes, I’m carrying the logo in my sidebar, but have I got a thank you on here for the lovely Francine in Retirement, who gave me the award?  No!  It seems I do not!  The moral of the story?  Attend to your awards immediately if you are lucky enough to receive them.  But I did manage to thank Francine in my Six word Saturdays, so not too bad, after all?  Don’t forget to go adventuring with The Habitual Runaway.


Just when I think there can’t be many more awards out there, another comes along!  I’ve learnt my lesson this time though, and I’m adding it immediately. Shine On is such a pretty award and I am extremely flattered to be nominated for it by Gallivance.  I hadn’t been following them long but had been very impressed with what I found.  To me, they are what I think of as “big time bloggers”, so I’m very grateful for their attention.


Sometimes it happens that you’re nominated for the same award more than once.  I know that in accepting an award that there are usually conditions, and I’ve become a little lazy about this.  Trouble is that this is a travel blog and that I like to blog about what I know and love- travel.  Sometimes the awards take you down paths you don’t want to travel, so apologies if anyone feels short changed.  I will always acknowledge awards and give credit where I can.

A blogger who manages to run a limitless number of blogs- one for each adventure, and goodness knows she’s had her share!- I know as A Nomad in the land of Nizwa.  She recently surprised me with the Very Inspiring Blogger award from her Catbird in Africa site.  Since then she’s been Nomad Interrupted, back home in the States, and is now Catbird in China!  Versatile, talented and with seemingly limitless energy, Cath, what can I say?  You’re an inspiration for sure.  Very many thanks to you.


Somewhere out there in the blogosphere there are some little elves beavering away, making up new awards.  A very nice one just came my way twice!  The WordPress Family Award.  I’ve been in awe of Sonel’s talents for a long time.  Have a look at Sonel’s Corner if you want to see some really beautiful photography.  And she’ll always help with a tutorial if you can’t figure it out yourself. (I never can!)

Who wouldn’t want Eunice at Nuts for Treasure to be part of their family?  Life hasn’t always been easy for her, but there’s no bitterness- just loads of encouragement and smiles.  Thanks ladies!  I appreciate you both.  🙂

Two more to add!

inner-peace-award1Opalla gave me a choice of Awards, bless her, and I selected Inner Peace because I don’t have it and who wouldn’t want some.

the-super-sweet-blogger-awardColline writes many very intelligent posts and I was so happy to be acknowledged by her with this Super Sweet award.  And still they keep rolling!  I’m amazed when I look back.


Shelley at Living with Shadows has given me the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  I love the concept and the logo.  Despite health issues, Shelley manages to run an upbeat blog.  Check her out.  And with a great fanfare and drum roll I proudly received Seven Awards in One from lovely Sherri Matthews.







The above 5 logos plus the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and Shine On comprise the Seven Awards in One.  Fantastic!  Isn’t that shoe logo just the best?

You really have to go and meet Sherri, if you don’t already know her.  Bouncing back from many of life’s adversities, she is a warm hearted lady who champions spreading knowledge about Asperger’s Syndrome.  She also enjoys a nice garden and doesn’t mind a holiday or two.  Not unlike myself!

If you follow all of these links you will find an unbelievable number of great bloggers.  I’m warning you now- you’d better set a day aside!  Enjoy, and many thanks to all concerned.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Hopefully I’ll have links to all the award posts in the sidebar.  That’s the theory anyway.  Many thanks for following my efforts.  Cheers!


  1. What an achievement!! awesome…happy for you and you deserved all the awards for your work…you have an awesome blog, luv all your work…started reading since yesterday actually…and that will be continuous… sincerely Lan

      1. I absolutely understand it! Just accept this award as an appreciation for your splendid work ! You don’t have to reciprocate . Have a wonderful day!

  2. Whoa! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog…because then I found YOU! Loverly blog. I’m fairly new to blogging, so this is quite the inspiration for me!

  3. Congratulations! Jo, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I see that you have earned this a few times before, but I knew when I made my list you would have to be on it. Whenever I read your blog I’m transported and feel transformed! Thanks!
    To accept this award, please:
    1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to that blog.
    2. Share seven things about yourself.
    3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire (or as many as you can think of!).
    4. Contact your bloggers to let them know that you’ve tagged them for the One Lovely Blog Award
    Cheers, Maryann

    1. Oh heck, Maryann! I’m blushing now 🙂 I no longer do awards posts and fill all the criteria because it’s just too time consuming. I suppose I should include that fact in my Awards page, shouldn’t I? I thought I had because I wrote a post about it all quite some time ago. What I will do is visit yours (of course!) and put a link and a mention on this page.

      Many thanks for your kind thought, and congratulations on receiving the award. 🙂

  4. Hi there, I’m feeling very cheery and chirpy again tonight and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for another Blog of the Year 2013 One Star for your Award. My post will be published this evening at around 7.00pm Australian Time. Congratulations to you for a creating a truly Wonderful Blog. Kidazzleink

  5. Wow! I’m jealous Jo–I have been blogging for 3.5 years and havent managed to even earn a merit badge! : ) I am delighted to reciprocate your visit and begin to get to know you–landing on this page was an auspicious introduction! And now I will begin to wander…but not before saying I love your banner image. What a great shot! Perhaps I’ll discover this as I roam your site, but if not–where was the photo taken?

    1. Hi Meg and welcome! The banner image is of our Headland, the old part of Hartlepool. On a sunny day it’s quite picturesque. I’m not much with technical stuff so my husband helped me to resize, etc to suit the banner format. I’m learning as I go along and it’s one of the great things about blogging for me. I never would have attempted some of the things I’ve done on here otherwise. I’ll have been blogging for a year on Wednesday and the blog is “coming along”. Thanks for returning my visit.

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