Just one more person from around the world!

It’s a very common sight on Algarve beaches, as the tide turns, for people to gather on the beach, digging a heel into the wet sand in a sort of shuffle dance. A lot of scuffling often produces enough molluscs to fill a plastic bottle for a lunch time snack, but there are guys for whom this is a serious business. They stand in the water, often waist deep, in whatever the weather gods throw at them. Treading backwards, they drag the net, hour on hour, for an often paltry reward of shellfish. I’m told it pays well, but I can think of easier ways to make a living. That certainly applies to Cady’s Just One Person from Around the World this week. She tells of an awesome level of commitment.


  1. Here in America people easily complain of little waiting or discomfort when there’s really opportunity when we try yo work hard for it. The culture of getting something without effort amazes me where I other parts of the world, people have to struggle for food and shelter. Thanks for sharing this. Happy weekend.

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    1. There is no doubt that people have to struggle here in the Algarve. Tourists and expats are very comfortable here, but for many hard work is the norm πŸ™„πŸ’•


  2. The book sounds wonderful I would like to buy one at some point. We are back in Cabanas. A window of opportunity to return but Spain is our home and where we are heading this week. Its been a long time away but glad you have settled in and met so many of the amazing people and can walk in Portugal too! Great to catch up with you.

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  3. Now, this looks like a lot of effort (and time) for little rewards. Just like book promotion. But, at least I stay dry every day and can choose my own schedule. No tides, weather, or angry seas to keep me from trying my best to make a living. πŸ™‚

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