Six word Saturday

A journey to a mythical place

A castle hovers in the sky

Bright memories – 3

A sultry day. Small boy grouses. He’d rather be in the pool, but no- we’re going on an adventure. We walk through the verdant valley. The river flows, silently. And then, suspended in the sky, we see it! Arco in Trentino-Alto. A sight never to be forgotten, it lingers in my memory.

Six Word Saturday



  1. The first image is a scene out of fairy-tale! and the second takes a while to process – it’s almost like there are 2 different images spliced together!
    And so many 6Ws in this post – fun fun!


    1. I intend to write a fuller account in a few days, Carole, at the end of this sequence on Garda. I really need to dig my postcard diary out from under the bed but I have other priorities right now 🤗💕


  2. Enter the philistine! I was so excited when I saw the name Arco as I too, visited Arco, and had never met anyone else who had. I never saw the castle though. We drove there from out base at Riva for the sole purpose of shopping at the shoe factory in Arco. Our friends, one of whom did all the driving as he loved driving – even in Italy – had heard about this place and we hot-footed it to the factory one day, stopping only for an ice-cream in the square, and spent all our holiday money on great shoes, a great treat for me as I take a size 34-35. It was impossible to get a fashionable shoe in the UK in that size, still is, but now I slob around in flatties so I can wear a larger size stuffed with extra insoles! It must have been round about the same time as you were there. It was a great holiday but our travelling companions were not ‘relaxing’ types and we had to be on the move all the time. Nick and I went back later alone and had a much more enjoyable time just cruising the lakes, over-eating and over-drinking.

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    1. Oh, Mari, that’s so funny! Though I can well imagine how it might happen 🙂 🙂 It has to be said I’m not the most relaxing person to go on holiday with because I do like to see everything, but I can do my share of over-indulging 🙂 The place must have been crowded because Eunice reckons she was there around the same time. Funny old life, isn’t it?

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