Saying goodbye

It isn’t easy to post this week. I have a myriad of beautiful images of the Christmas lights sparkling around the Algarve, but on this day I will be saying goodbye to two men. One, a family member- my stepbrother who loved and cared for my Dad like his own. The other, a man who loved life and was loved in return. Both leave behind grieving widows, and families who are shocked at an unexpected turn of events. It’s never easy, but this is a time of year when everybody is set to celebrate. Without them.

Boa viagem- safe journey!

RIP Tony and Terje.


  1. Very sad to hear Jo .
    This time of year in particular often brings news of joy and sadness in unequal measures ..
    xx Poppy


  2. My sincerest condolences for your losses. May they rest in peace, and may u be granted the patience and determination to move past the grief and be able to live life knowing that they are loved and in a better place


  3. I’m sorry, Jo. It’s a tough time of year to lose someone. Very tough. And two people! Our neighbors are going through this, too, having unexpectedly lost their only son, who was a healthy, 46-yr-old. We liked him a lot and we were there when he was found. Ugh. The funeral home was empty – it was so sad. I worry about his mother, now caring for her stroke-affected husband without her son’s cheerful aid.
    I think you did a smart thing by posting a simple, honest description of what’s going on in your life right now, along with these beautiful photos that remind us there is still beauty. Take care of yourself!

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    1. Thanks Lynn 🤗 I’m very fortunate. I don’t have to wake up every morning and wonder how I can face the day, but I feel for the two ladies who do. Life deals some horrible blows at times, and as we all know, at this time of year this is about the worst. Sending hugs your way 💕💕


  4. I’m so sorry, Jo. What a difficult time of year to lose a loved one. It’s never easy, but somehow with all the festivity surrounding most people at Christmastime, the absence of a cherished friend or family member leaves those who are grieving feeling exceptionally hollow. Loving thoughts your way, my friend.

    Your beautiful photos are very festive indeed!

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    1. Thursday was a highly charged day of emotions, Debbie, with a soulless hard to hear service on Zoom for my stepbrother and then church in the afternoon for my friend. The sun shone brilliantly throughout but there was no light in the world of the two widows. Yesterday there was to be a game of the cro4uet that Terje loved, in his honour, but Denise could not face getting out of bed. How terrible that must feel and I think I would be the same . She has friends staying to help and 3 dogs to look after. But no real solace. I’m counting my blessing, hon. There are a lot of them. Sending Christmas hugs 🙂 🙂


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