Six word Saturday


Not warm enough for a swim

But I did see someone in the water.  Cacela Velha is a lovely spot to just sit and daydream.  Debbie’s sharing blue sky too.  Don’t forget it’s Six Word Saturday!  Have a good one  🙂



  1. I love the zig zag of the sand and water; the patterns of nature are always my favorite designs. (And I love almost anything with an ocean in it!)

  2. Wonderful photo. I yearn for the sea. Here the dammis banned because of algae and the waterfall river has stopped flowing. So we’re reduced to whingeing and perpetual fans and long escapee sleeps. And it’s only low 30s. Thank you for a taste of what we don’t have.

    1. I feel quite mean that I can’t send fresh breezes your way, Meg. 😦 😦 Or a puffy white cloud or two. I would gather them up in a big net and fly them south west. They’d be there in a day or three 🙂

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