An object of great beauty

The Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

The Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

An object that tells a story was what Cheri asked for on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  I hadn’t intended to take part this week but, returning from a flying visit to a retail park this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of one of my favourite bridges, silhouetted against a wonderful sky.  “Can we stop for just a minute?”  I asked, and was off like a whirlwind, clutching the camera.

The “story” for me is always what is on the opposite shore.  I love the “invitation to cross” that a bridge always provides.  How about you?

And again


And again!

And again!

Have you entered yet?  I’m off to read some of the other “stories”.


    1. The problem with reading the posts in retrospect, Madhu, is that the header has changed when you see them. 🙂 I had a nice “flying bridge” header for this post and the barrage one. I’ve used the wine cooler “train” for all the museum posts, but I’m changing the header with each post otherwise. Haven’t tried your background suggestion yet, but I will. Jude suggested “set featured image” instead of changing the header, but I didn’t like that much. Loving and learning 🙂
      Take good care!

  1. P.S. I have to disappoint .. when I am on a bridge I don’t look at shores I am just happy to be on top of one as majestic as the Infinity Bridge 🙂

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