Six word Saturday

Symbol of Spring

A crocus carpet

Crocus ochroleucus by Gideon Pisanty for Wikipedia

Saved by Wikipedia again!  On Wednesday, as I walked back from meeting a friend in town, the sky was blue and our local council had excelled themselves with the swathes of crocus woven into the grass edges.

I climbed the path through the Old Cemetery, as I often do, for the view across town.  There too the crocus greeted me on every side.  I had that soaring, wonderful Spring in the air feeling, but of course, no camera!

I resolved to return to capture the moment later in the week, but you know what week’s are and I didn’t make it.  Had to make do with one rather feeble shot taken wearily at the end of our road on Thursday, after an 8 and a half mile walk. (through glorious woodland but not a crocus in sight)

Thought I might manage today, after zumba, but the skies are grey and not at all promising.  After a beautiful sunny week I can’t complain.

So what’s a girl to do?  Credit my good friend Wikipedia and Gideon Pisanty, Kenpei, Meneerke Bloem and Bernd Haynold respectively.  Thanks a lot guys.

Do you have a favourite?  Mine’s the exotic “blue” from Japan by Kenpei.  Don’t think our council planted any of that!

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  1. So lovely. I’m ready for Spring flowers! My daffodils are nearing bloom in the backyard. Last year they were a surprise – I had forgotten Joe had bought them and that we had planted them until suddenly there they were. This year, I was surprised to see them so early but now I can’t wait for them to bloom.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


  2. Last year I planted a lot of crocus in my yard because my daughter and grandaughter love the color purple. My grandaughter was wearing purple to her prom and I wanted to have a bed of purple crocus for background in her photos. Before that I never paid attention to this lovely little flower. Thanks for sharing your story.



    1. Mine too Andrew. Funnily enough some snowdrops I took on a walk on Monday (been very energetic this week) nearly made it into this post. I could have said they were a carpet of crocuses disguised as snowdrops?


  3. ‘The feet of people walking home
    With gayer sandals go-
    The Crocus-till she rises
    The Vassal of the snow-‘
    —Emily Dickinson

    Lovely pictures. And isn’t it great that Spring is on its way?


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